»If you can still power it on, it can be given new life.«

Welcome to my stupid microsite. This is where content about my Build.vNext Frankenbuild configurations can be found.

The Gist
The original idea for this came from my interest in concocting a poor man's build lab. I wanted to be able to test a variety of different configurations to show that the new Build.vNext agents could be used to build code on any device, any OS, anywhere. In all honesty, it also stemmed from my inability to part with hardware. I feel like there's no reason to throw out a perfectly good PC just because it's a couple years old. There is some salvation there...even if it's through the use of older releases of Ubuntu or Debian to help an old bucket of bolts do some cool stuff again.

The work I had done with Build.vNext dogfooding also played into the formulation of my freakshow. Having agents on different OSes, processor architectures and general configurations helped to find issues with real-world scenarios. Okay, so maybe it isn't realistic to say that a company would use a few Raspberry Pi 2 units as build agents. But why not test them out and see if they might work? I've had success using unorthodox combinations of hardware and software to get results that individuals and smaller teams might need to help with build automation and release management. And besides, it's fun to be able to start with a theory around multi-platform build and deployment and see it to fruition using stuff you have just laying around the house. The ALM Rangers demo and walkthrough for Apache Cordova and Build.vNext were put together using configurations and agents in my FrankenBuild laboratory.

Special Agents
It's not as glamorous as it sounds, trust me. That being said, I've included some special CSS love to showcase the cavalcade of agents I've used thus far in my FrankenBuild playground. Depending on your screen size / orientation they may appear on your right or below this fabulous narrative. In any event, wherever they show up, feel free to check them out. Who knows, they might help you configure your own FrankenBuild sandbox.

Projects Using Frankenbuild
Codename: FrankenCordova
  • (Windows via The Surface)
  • (Android via The Mini)
  • (iOS via The Mini)

The Lineup
  • Name: {{bolt.name}}
  • Model: {{bolt.specs.model}}
  • OS: {{bolt.specs.os}}
  • Memory: {{bolt.specs.memory}}
  • Agent: {{bolt.specs.agent}}
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