About Me

Some crap about me
I am a .NET developer, software architect and Visual Studio ALM Ranger. I started with .NET when it was introduced in 2003 and have been a happy little code monkey ever since. Within the past couple of years, I've found myself more and more drawn to all things ALM, including trying to figure out how I can build CI/CD environments that target multiple development stacks, for multiple SCMs as well as multiple OSes. I like tinkering with things like TeamCity, Bamboo, TFS, and Jenkins on my own time. I like looking at how I could use Docker to set up containerized automated testing with Selenium and low-effort application clusters. I appreciate feedback of all sorts--I'm here to make every attempt at building a better community!


Some stuff I've done
In the event you're interested, here's some goods and services I've had a hand in: